OUR MISSION SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL is a humanitarian association that, for over 40 years, has been assisting populations affected by conflicts and violence, epidemics, natural or climate-related disasters, and economic collapse. Our humanitarian teams are committed to helping people whose lives, health and security are threatened, by meeting their most vital needs: food, water, shelter, and hygiene.

We are fiercely committed to upholding our humanitarian mandate, which is to ensure the protection, dignity, and autonomy of the populations we help.

Active in 20 countries, an important part of our mandate is to understand the difficult living conditions, conflicts, and natural or economic disasters that affect our beneficiary populations.

We are constantly aiming to strengthen our advocacy, by reaching out to the media and actively promoting our website and social media networks to raise awareness among the international community and the general public.

To continue raising awareness and expanding our reputation, we are currently seeking volunteer French to English translators, who are interested in the humanitarian sector.

CONDITIONS Status: Volunteer Ability to work remotely TIME COMMITMENT

Very flexible, ranging from half a day a week to several days, depending on your availability.


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