Measuring impact of supply chain mutualization initiatives

Project : Develop a rigorous method to measure the impact of supply chain & logistics mutualization initiatives

Duration : 166 working days over 1 year, starting January 3d 2022

Place : Homebased, the consultant is expected to work at CET (UTC +1)

Reporting to Jean-Baptiste Lamarche (ACF-FR – IS & Logistics Director and RLH CEO)

Payment Terms : as per the below detailed plan

Conditions : The consultancy fee is inclusive of professional, administrative, accommodation, computer equipment, internet, and personal insurance.

No transportation fees either domestic or international are planned for this consultancy.

Introduction The Réseau Logistique Humanitaire was created in 2014 in order to identify logistics and supply chain needs and challenges and define new ways to address them. They have been studying the future of humanitarian logistics (Delivering in a moving world, (2016), in collaboration with HELP Logistics) and defending the idea that humanitarian actors should collaborate more when it comes to logistics (Strength in Numbers, (2019) and Sharing is Caring (2021)).

As humanitarian needs are increasing at an alarming rate whereas available funds are not, enhancing the performance of supply chains and operational logistics (around 50% of all humanitarian response expenditures, with great impacts on the feasibility, quality and timeliness of any humanitarian intervention) should be a priority for all the actors involved in humanitarian relief.

KLU and HELP Logistics have decided to put their relationship to the next level and established a joint Center for Humanitarian Logistics and Regional Development (CHORD). CHORD aims at bringing together the best of two worlds by combining top-class academic research and education with operational training and consulting excellence. The Center is backed up by extensive outreach and field presence through 4 regional HELP offices and forms a unique offering in the humanitarian and development context. As a thought-leading hub, CHORD is delivering innovative logistics and supply chain solutions validated by rigorous research methods to improve social and economic progress in developing countries. CHORD is offering a broad variety of applied research and education services to its partners across different sectors. The focus of CHORD’s work is on analyzing and strengthening supply chains in the context of disaster preparedness and resilience, food and agriculture, pharma and health as well as sustainability.

Background and Rationale Solidarités International (SI) and Action contre la Faim (ACF), supported by the 7 other RLH members, recently launched their main project to develop logistics and supply chain resources pooling among humanitarian actors (e.g. joint procurement, shared IT system). It relies on joint and innovative efforts from members of the cooperative (currently RLH members, other organizations will join in the future).

This project should last between 18 months and 2 years and get to an end around EOY 2023.

CHORD and this consultancy will support this project, bringing their experience in humanitarian logistics and their expertise in measuring impact of supply chain & logistics mutualization initiatives.

Final outputs /deliverables 1. Provide a method and related list of indicators to measure the impact 2. Provide tools to collect, analyze these indicators 3. Provide data visualization dashboards to follow these indicators Qualifications of the Consultant The consultant for the assignment must be experienced, knowledgeable, and possess the following minimum requirements:

· Bachelors or Master’s degree in Supply Chain & Logistics management.

· Have more than 10 years of experience and exposure in Supply Chain & Logistics project management with NGO sector

· Have skills in data analysis (diploma or certification require)

· Excellent written skills and spoken in English

· Excellent written skills and spoken in French

· Bachelors or Master’s degree in Humanitarian Project Management is a plus.

· Highly motivated, dependable and results oriented

· Adherent to humanitarian principles as well as non-discrimination and data protection and ethics rules

· Able to work independently

Terms of payment The payment for this consultancy will be done monthly under consultant invoice validation by ACF Logistics & IS director.


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