Request For Proposals For A University Teaching Methodologies/Pedagogy Expert, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (KRI)


Program Overview:

SEED Foundation in coordination with Salahuddin University’s social work department is implementing the ‘Protecting and Empowering Survivors of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI)’ program. This program is supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. The aim of the program is to build the next generation of social workers in the KRI by equipping undergraduate students in social work with the knowledge and skills to support vulnerable people, including survivors of GBV and those at risk and to better prepare social work graduates for employment.

Following completion of an assessment for the social work department, SEED’s technical experts will work closely with faculty at Salahaddin University to strengthen the curriculum through the development of additional content, including gender, gender equality, GBV, and psychosocial support, and adapting global resources to the local context and needs.**

Objective of Consultancy

SEED seeks an expert in university teaching methodologies/pedagogy to design and conduct teaching methodologies training for the faculty of the social work department of Salahaddin University to support them to utilize the most effective and interactive teaching methods. The expert should prepare and design the training materials based on findings of the needs assessment, and conduct four days of training for 14 to 16 faculty members from the social work department.

Expected Outputs and Deliverables


Estimated Time to Complete



1 day remotely

January 09, 2022 – March, 31, 2022

Design training materials based on the findings from the needs assessment to develop the capacity of social work department faculty to use interactive teaching methodologies/pedagogy (ie. skill building in role plays, open discussions, etc.) are maximized.

5 days remotely

January 09, 2022 – March, 31, 2022

Conduct four days of training for 14 faculty.

Provide PowerPoint slides/training material. The training must also include a pre and post test, and be followed with a report.

4 days in Erbil

January 09, 2022 – March, 31, 2022


In accordance with the requirements above, the expert is expected to commit to the assignment between January 09 and March 31, 2022, including remote work and time in the Kurdistan Region if applicable, as requested by SEED. The expert must complete the work within the agreed timeframe.


Your proposal will be evaluated based on the following criteria:



Weight (%)

1) Education


Advanced degree in social work, education, or other field relevant to the scope of the assignment.



2) Knowledge and Experience


Evidence of at least 5 years of experience working with public/private universities in developing teaching methodologies/pedagogy, in addition to working with teachers or educational faculty on capacity building such as faculty.



Practical expertise in teaching methodologies/pedagogy design and conducting training for faculty or other related roles on teaching methodologies/pedagogy.



3) Language Skills


English required, Kurdish and Arabic a plus



4) Technical Proposal


Proposed methodology for carrying out this assignment



5) Work Plan


Implementing the deliverables in the RFP and their milestones**



6) Financial proposal


Total cost




● The expert will be managed by SEED’s Program Director. The expert will also work very closely with the Education Program Coordinator (remotely or in-person).

● The expert will be required to utilize his/her own technology equipment and maintain workable Skype, ZOOM and email accounts for communication.

● All materials produced by the expert during the period of this consultancy will belong to SEED.

● The expert must sign SEED’s Code of Conduct, and abide by all provisions of these policies for the duration of the consultancy period.

● The expert will need to travel to areas of program implementation. This cost should be mentioned in the financial proposal section.


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