Private Sector Engagement Specialist


Project Background:

The USAID/Liberia Civil Society activity aims to strengthen Liberian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to more effectively engage their constituents (citizens), contribute to decision-making processes, and oversee government actions. The purpose of this activity is to: strengthen Liberians’ ability to advocate for policy reforms, policy implementation, and service delivery through multi-stakeholder coalitions that build feedback loops among government, CSOs, and citizens.

Position Description:

The Private Sector Engagement Specialist will work closely with the DCOP/Capacity Building Director to support activities under Objective 4 (“*Ongoing Capacity Development Services Available on the Local Market*”).


■ Work with the Consortium of Business Development Service Providers of Liberia (CBDSPL) to conduct a rapid assessment to analyze how to incorporate small and large private sector firms in CSA’s coalition efforts.

■ Support the implementation of a CSA strategy to attract private sector investment.

■ Work with local service providers to deliver organizational capacity-building assistance to grantees.

■ Maintain contact list for CBDSPL service provider pool.

■ Facilitate the process of identifying needs and gaps of service providers to be able to provide capacity development support to civil society organizations.

■ Support the design of training and mentorship program for CBDSPL service provider pool.

■ Conduct Clients Satisfaction Survey (CSS) and Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) processes with service providers and civil society organizations.

■ Support the implementation of marketing strategies for CBDSPL Pool.

■ Contribute to updating CBDSPL Service Provider Pool market diagnostic on a regular basis.

■ Any other duties assigned by DCOP/Capacity Building Director.

Reports to: DCOP/Capacity Building Director

Minimum Qualifications:

■ Bachelor’s level degree in public policy, business administration, economics, public administration, international development, or another relevant field is required.

■ At least eight (8) years of working experience with experience in the private sector and engagement.

■ Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to engage with a wide range of organizations, beneficiaries, and related parties.

■ Experience in facilitating participatory training and mentorship activities.

■ Strong network and outreach skills.

■ Demonstrated research experience.

■ Experience and knowledge of implementing corporate social responsibility strategy.

■ Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.

■ Previous work experience in Liberia/West Africa preferred.


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