Model Prosecution Office Consultant


ABA ROLI Moldova is looking for a Consultant to assess and to lay out the Model Prosecution Office concept for the Moldovan justice system for its Supporting Criminal Justice and Strengthening Anti-Corruption Efforts program.


Reporting to the Chisinau-based ABA ROLI Country Director, the Model Prosecution Office Consultant (“Consultant”) will work to develop and customize a model prosecution office following Moldovan legislation and international standards. This is a paid consultancy position.

The Consultant will adapt the International Framework for Court Excellence and develop specific benchmarks for the functioning, activity, and performance of the prosecutor and the prosecution’s offices. The Consultant will conduct a research study of the above-mentioned Framework to develop the deliverables mentioned below. The Consultant will ideally have senior-level experience in prosecution, proficiency in relevant prosecutorial legal frameworks and international standards, and in research and/or development of legislative and regulatory frameworks.

Scope of the research:

The research activity will assess:

the extent to which national legal framework is consistent with the proposed model prosecution office; the correspondence of the existing prosecutor’s offices organization and functioning to the model prosecution office; the human resource management and efficient time management in a model prosecution office; the relationship between the efficient time management and the respect for human rights within criminal procedures; the efficient communication between prosecutors, between prosecutors and other representatives of the legal profession, and between prosecutors and the persons subjected to criminal proceedings; other regulatory and administrative requisites for a model prosecution office. The framework below describes the general area of inquiry for this assessment:

management & leadership; (including quality management, case-flow management, and management of resources); prosecution policies and plans; efficient prosecution procedures; expedient civil and contravention proceedings; effective cooperation with relevant justice and police authorities; quality of prosecution evidence and case files; level of user satisfaction and public trust; corruption risk reduction; level of accessibility. Total engagement: 60 days max

Period of Performance: January 1 – April 30, 2022

Scope of Work:


In consultation with ABA ROLI Moldova, draft a brief inception report and work plan that includes: i) a detailed approach and methodology for the study, ii) data analysis activities and schedule, iii) an initial draft of tools to be used for the study, iv) and descriptions of the sample frame / stakeholders for the study. Develop data collection tools for the study. Create and maintain databases and input timely and organized data per study findings. Produce a draft report including preliminary findings, conclusions, and recommendations. Produce a final report proposing a customized model prosecution office that could be implemented upon competition of the research. II. Selection Criteria

Education, Skills & Experience:

Advanced university degree (Master’s or equivalent) in the field of law; At least 10 years of prosecutorial experience. Exceptionally, 15 years of judicial or human rights experience may be considered in lieu; Experience in researching, carrying out needs’ assessments, developing legislative and regulatory frameworks, and/or other similar qualifications; Experience working in Eastern Europe or the Balkans; Proficiency in conducting mixed research and analysis, with no less than 7 years of relevant experience in conducting studies in the justice and human rights sector; Proven experience working with government officials and intergovernmental organizations; Ability to manage and mobilize quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis; Fluency in written and spoken English is essential.


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