Long-Term Project Administrator And Team Leader (TL)


Zambia Aquaculture Project Technical Assistance Project

Location The TAT will be based in Lusaka. The Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock shall provide

office accommodation to the experts. They will be required once in a while to travel to

provinces and districts covered by the project activities.

Start date & period of implementation The intended start date is 21 February 2022 and the period of implementation of the

contract will be 48 months from this date. Please see Articles 19.1 and 19.2 of the special

conditions for the actual start date and period of implementation.

Experts are expected to work at least 80% of their fees days in Lusaka; the rest may be

home-based although this could change if the COVID-19 pandemic worsens. It is for this

reason that tenderers are requested to provide both a home based and Lusaka based fee rate

in the budget.

Services are expected to be provided in a single input over 48 months with both the experts

working 50% of the time.

Key expert 1: *Imprest Administrator and Team Leader (TL) – minimum input 600 days***

Important: Ability to present supporting documents for all academic and working experiences mentioned in the CV.

The team leader will be in charge of coordinating and managing the overall consultancy,

responding to demands from the key stakeholders and mobilisation of non-key experts.

S/he will have the responsibility of developing the capacity building programme and the

PE, in consultation with key stakeholders.

S/he is also responsible for drawing up the technical and operational part of the ZAP PE.

With the Imprest Accounting Officer, s/he submits the PE for authorisation to the NAO

representative. In implementing the imprest component of the PE, the Imprest

Administrator is also responsible for all expenditure commitments, payment authorisations

and recoveries.

The TL should have the following profile:

Qualifications and skills

At least a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in aquaculture, fisheries science,

animal science, agriculture or, in its absence, 5 years of general professional

experience in addition to the general professional experience specified below – minimum requirement. Fluency in both written and spoken English to a C1 level of proficiency4 is required

– minimum requirement. General professional experience

At least 10 years professional experience (i.e. a total of 120 months cumulatively)

in the field of agriculture, fresh water aquaculture/fisheries sector (experience

above 25 years of general professional experience will not be considered as

advantage for the purpose of evaluation of the tender) – minimum requirement. Previous experience in aquaculture research will be considered an advantage – Specific professional experience At least 5 years of experience (i.e. a total of 60 months cumulatively) assisting

governments, preferably in ACP5 countries, in developing sector plans and

programmes (policies, strategies, road maps, etc.) in the field of agriculture – minimum requirement or preferably in the fisheries/livestock sector – preferred. Experience of drafting and implementing (either directly of indirectly) at least one

operational programme estimate either as an Imprest Administator or under a

technical assistance contract where one of the main objectives of the contract was

assisting government officers in drafting and implementing a PE – minimum requirement or preferably in the fisheries sector – preferred. Experience as a team leader in at least one contract with a minimum approved input

of 220 working days or 12 months in institutional building/capacity development

programmes – minimum requirement. Proven experience of working with/in the private sector related to fisheries and

aquaculture will be an advantage – preferred.


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