Latest Job at Recap JNN – Weekly Graduate – Submit Cv

Job Position: Graduate Trainee Program at Johnvents Industries Ltd

2.) Job Position: Junior Full Stack Flutter Developer at Elcopr

3.) Job Position: Intern at Greensprout Educonsult

4.) Job Position: Business Management Trainee at Plex Consult

5.) Job Position: Communication Intern at Sybil and James Communications



6.) Job Position: Graduate Trainee at Taylor Communications

7.) Job Position: Administrative Intern at CEWHIN

8.) Job Position: IT Support Intern at Eat ‘N’ Go Ltd

9.) Job Position: Graduate Trainee at Ernst & Young

10.) Job Position: Digital Marketing Intern at Tati Consults

11.) Job Position: Content Writer at GistMelody

12.) Job Position: Graduate Trainee at Leadway Assurance Company Ltd

13.) Job Position: Digital Marketing Officer at Viral Computers Inc.

14.) Job Position: Content Manager at IfyGist

15.) Job Position: Customer Service Representative at Hebo Auto Company Ltd

16.) Job Position: Client Experience Officer at Jemi Neil Consulting

16.) Job Position: Graduate Trainee at Kyosk Digital Services Ltd


Method Of Application

All Candidates are advised to click on the Above links in the Detailed view to apply for their choices of job. Good Luck!