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Position in the Organization

Generic Function: Coordinator

JobTitle: Field Coordonitor (head of base)

Iraq delegation

Job Family: Coordinator

Employee Name/Surname:

Reports to (Hierarchically): Country representative

Reports to (Technically): N/A

Work in close collaboration with Iraq DCR (Deputy Courntry Representative) and Coordinators (administration, logistic) and Security Manager

Salary level: 4 starting at 3200 US$

Working time in % : 100% = 40h per week, from Sunday to Thursday

Supervises (Number of subordinates):

Direct: 6 (HR Officer, Log Manager, Security Assistant, Finance Officer, 2 project managers)

Work location: Based in Kirkuk with frequent travel to all areas of operations of Tdh in Iraq.

Job description valid from: 1st January 2022

Position in the Organization

Generic Function: Coordinator

JobTitle: Field Coordonitor (head of base)

Iraq delegation

Job Family: Coordinator

Employee Name/Surname:

Reports to (Hierarchically): Country representative

Reports to (Technically): N/A

Work in close collaboration with Iraq DCR (Deputy Courntry Representative) and Coordinators (administration, logistic) and Security Manager

Salary level: 4 starting at 3200 US$

Working time in % : 100% = 40h per week, from Sunday to Thursday

Supervises (Number of subordinates):

Direct: 6 (HR Officer, Log Manager, Security Assistant, Finance Officer, 2 project managers)

Work location: Based in Kirkuk with frequent travel to all areas of operations of Tdh in Iraq.

Job description valid from: 1st January 2022

General Responsibilities (Overall purpose)

The Field Coordinator (Head of Operations) will work in direct collaboration with the mission personnel and interface directly with the Country Representative (Director), as appropriate for programme strategy, reporting and administration. (S)he will have direct access to confidential information, such as the general strategy of Tdh in Iraq, including programming objectives in the field, financial details, and security guidelines.

(S)he ensures project teams are facilitated to carry out the interventions as planned, budgets allocations and intervention targets are met, context is monitored, and beneficiary & staff security is always ensured. (S)he ensures coordination between support and program teams as well as external coordination with authorities, communities and civil society. (S)he ensures the implementation of the Tdh strategy in the location, the visibility of Tdh activities and upholds the organizations values.

The context of ongoing conflict presents inherent risks**. A professional sense of security, confidentiality and proper representation is paramount.**

Specific Responsibilities / Context (Tasks)


Terre des hommes Foundation (Tdh) is the leading Swiss organisation for children’s aid. Since 1960, Tdh has helped build a better future for deprived children and their communities, making an impact with innovative and sustainable solutions. Active in around 40 countries, Tdh works with local and international partners to develop and implement field projects which improve the daily lives of over 4 million children and members of their communities, in the domains of health, protection and emergency relief. This engagement is financed by individual and institutional support, with administrative costs kept to a minimum.

Tdh-L has been present in Iraq since 2014 operating in 12 districts such as Anbar, Kirkuk, Ninewa, Baghdad, and Salah-al Din governorates, providing assistance in Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM), Child Protection (CP), Access to Justice (A2J), Education, Shelter and WASH. In these years, Tdh-L has set up an effective management structure headed by an international Country Representative, supported by an international senior management team, stationed in Erbil, and four field offices in Baghdad; Shirqat, Salah al-Din; Kirkuk; and Tal Afar, Ninewa.

Since January 2019, Tdh-L has been providing legal, psychosocial support, and educational assistance to children and youth in contact with the law, as well as capacity building to Child Justice actors. In collaboration with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Tdh-L provides ongoing support to children deprived of liberty in the detention centres, through a comprehensive package of activities to address different needs among children in contact with the law. This work is built on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with MoJ in August 2021. Additionally, with an MoU in place with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA), Tdh-L also supports children in Suleikh and Karada Home for the Homeless in Baghdad for the post-detention follow up of those who were in conflict with the law and children victims. Tdh is working in partnership with local civil society organizations, including the Legal Clinic Network (LCN), to provide legal aid to children in pre-trial detention facilities in Kirkuk, Fallujah (Anbar) and Baghdad.

Tdh in Kirkuk has worked in the areas of education, child protection, access to justice and Wash over the past few years. In September 2021 Tdh launched new projects in Kirkuk and Salah Al-din that also includes vocational training and capacity building of local actors.

The Field Coordinator has the following responsibilities:

Safeguarding system

· Commits to comply with the safeguarding policies.

· Undertakes to ensure full implementation of the safeguarding system in the base, including participation in the annual audit, reviews and updates of the action plan.

· Undertakes to inform the CR and/or the Safeguarding Focal Point and to address allegations or incidents related to the Safeguarding System.

Programme Strategy and planning

· Manages programming aspects of base/area operations in line with Tdh and donors’ standards.

· In collaboration with the DCR-P, designs strategies and objectives for effective programs in line with the delegation strategy.

· Participate in the development and review of the strategy for Tdh in Iraq.

· Conduct regular analyses of stakeholders in their region, updates it regularly and keep the SMT always informed.

· Proactively identify and engage in networking and partnership activities with national and international partners in their region.

· Actively contribute to the development of the delegation’s fundraising strategy and periodically conduct donor mapping and analysis in their region.

· Conduct multi-sectoral assessments in their area in coordination with the technical coordinator and the Q&A department and update it periodically (twice a year and upon request).

Representation & Reporting

· Ensure active presence of Tdh in relevant humanitarian and development coordination meetings at national and local levels (general and sectoral) and ensure that data flow and feedback with the CR, SMT and with other colleagues as appropriate, is assured.

· Ensure overall coordination of Tdh with UN agencies and the government, including information sharing and reporting.

· In coordination with the CR, ensures that all formal procedures and reports required by the government are properly prepared, kept up to date, and submitted on time.

· Ensures the representation towards stakeholders in their aera

· Act as the local Tdh focal point for monitoring visits and local issues raised by donors.

· Produce a monthly report according to the format in Iraq and submit it to the CR.

· Using the field perspective, integrate the assessment of the context of his/her area in reports and communications; identify geopolitical trends and indicators that may impact on programme activities.

· Coordinate in the field level and contribute to institutional donor reports for submission to the CR.

· Ensure timely submission of monthly progress reports by programme managers.

Liaising with national authorities

· Is aware of all necessary governmental administrative procedures and informs the CR and the SMT

· In collaboration with the CR, develops and implements the measures to be taken and the government procedure to be followed

· Ensures the follow-up and continuity of the government procedures and informs the CR regularly

· Organises, in collaboration with the CR, the agenda of the official visits of the CR to the various authorities

· Represents the CR on request

· Follows up with the lawyer/other external consultants on administrative matters when assigned by the CR, including in obtaining governmental authorisations, submission of annual financial reports and tax authorisations.


· Respect the Tdh security procedures in Iraq and check with the logistician that he is prepared to comply with them.

· Ensure, in coordination with the security manager and with the support of the CR, that all staff or visitors are aware of and comply with Tdh security procedures.

· Ensure the direct line management of the security assistant with the technical support of the Iraq Security Manager

· Receive primary security guidance from the Security Manager and various other sources (inter-agency coordination, INGOs, staff, beneficiaries) and share relevant information with the rest of the team in Iraq.

· Check that the Security Manager regularly updates: 1). the security plan documents, 2). the communication of personnel lists for the UN evacuation plan, and 3). the existence and correct updating of emergency kits.

· Make recommendations to the CR regarding security issues, including the establishment of hibernation and/or evacuation plans.

· Submits accident/incident reports to CR and keeps updated and put into implementation the recommendations/decision received from CR.

· Provide immediate reports to the CR in Coordination with Security Manager and or Security Assistant.

Human Resources Management

· Ensure that Tdh HR regulations are applied in the base. Advise the CR and/or Administration Coordinator on Tdh’s compliance with local basic law requirements on terms and conditions of employment and related issues.

· Directly and indirectly lead and manage all base staff, promoting effective teamwork and providing supervision and guidance, particularly on issues related to cross-sectoral collaboration and harmonisation of approaches.

· Respect transparent management procedures as defined in Tdh Iraq’s staff regulations.

· Monitor the updating of leave and/or R&R plans in coordination with the Admin Coordinator.

· Assist all managers in staff resource planning: job descriptions, recruitment, induction and training of all staff as appropriate.

· Ensure that regular performance reviews, personal development plans and identification of training needs are collated into an action plan (including budget).

· Ensure, in collaboration with the HR department, that managers follow or implement disciplinary and grievance procedures and exit interviews, as appropriate.

· Ensure staff have access to regular team building activities and the implementation of staff care plans in the base.

· Ensures team cohesion by setting up regular team events according to Tdh principles and in collaboration with the CR and Admin Coordinator

Budgetary and financial management

· Ensure the implementation of Tdh financial procedures and donor financial rules.

· Ensure the monitoring of the Tdh budget (analysis of actual costs, monthly budget monitoring, quarterly forecasts, etc.) and in coordination with PMs and Coordinators proposes adjustments/modifications.

· Ensure the follow-up of the Tdh budget breakdown in close collaboration with the administrative and financial coordinator and the project managers.

· Participate in budget designing of support section at base level for new grants/ proposals as well as advising on activity lines where relevant

· Participate in grant management and monitoring meetings

· Participate in all financial aspects of audits (statutory, local, donors, ad hoc, etc.).

· Plan and consolidate monthly cash flow requests for the base

General administration and logistics

· Follows the signatory authority thresholds for purchase and payment authorisations.

· In collaboration with the Admin Coordinator and under the supervision of the Country Representative, review monthly budget/actual reports to guide future spending and budget allocations.

· Participate in the preparation of the budget in collaboration with the financial coordinator.

· Follow and implement logistics procedures in coordination with the Logistics Coordinator.

· Monthly report on the implementation and monitoring of all Tdh procedures.

Corporate policies, management systems and procedures

· Contribute to the promotion of and compliance with the Terre des hommes Foundation’s Charter, Code of Conduct and Operating Principles.

· Provide oversight to ensure that established programme practices are as consistent as possible with the UN mandate and Sphere standards.


* Reference document:

This function requires the mastery of Personal, Social and Leadership Competencies (PSLC), *Technical and Methodological Competencies (TMC) and Management and Strategic Competencies (MSC)*

*In particular: (select the ones that are most relevant to the job – 5 maximum)*

• Sound personal organizational skills, including time management, ability to meet deadlines, multi-tasking, prioritization of tasks, and working under pressure

• Cross cultural awareness and sensitivity;

•Flexibility and strong adaptation skills

• Warrants and respects the rules, the processes and the correct usage of institutional tools

• Is able to explain Tdh policies


Education: Post-graduate degree in programme coordination Language: Excellent oral and writing skills in English and Arabic. Kurdish and Turkmen is an asset Previous experience:

Previous experience with an INGO is mandatory, and in an emergency context is preferred; Minimum 5 years of work experience with at least 2 years of experience in a similar management and senior management position. Knowledge and skills:

Demonstrated knowledge and experience in managing large and diverse staff and/or portfolios. Advanced training on Security is a must; Advanced IT knowledge (hardware and software, Microsoft Office, Internet); Excellent self-organizing, planning and communication skills; Proactive, autonomous, rigorous, analytical, willingness and motivation to work in an international and intercultural context;


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