Director For Strategic Board


Synergy for Justice Stichting is a flexible, dynamic, all women-led, multi-disciplinary justice organization. Established by seasoned practitioners, investigators, and prosecutors, Synergy directors have supported and enhanced justice processes around the world. Synergy builds and strengthens justice initiatives through targeted capacity support, mentorship, sharing of best practices, development of tools, and provision of sustained support for national actors. Synergy has supported the design, implementation and management of locally-driven, survivor-centered justice programming since 2015 in complex, fluid and conflict-prone environments.

Synergy for Justice Stichting operates independently of political, ideological and philosophical movements, in fulfillment of the following objectives:

to provide victims and survivors of violence increased and sustained access to justice through the creation of survivor-centric and effective justice processes;

to strengthen accountability and access to justice through targeted training, mentorship, sharing of best practices, development of tools, and provision of sustained support for local civil society members including human rights defenders, activists, lawyers, doctors, first responders and others working to remedy and restore human rights violations and international crimes at both local and international levels;

to conduct all activities which, in the widest sense, are connected or conducive hereto.

Synergy currently has four directors and is seeking to add 3-5 additional directors to serve on the strategic board.

The duties of the directors are as follows:

To assure that the organization maintains its institutional integrity, stays true to and advances its mission, vision and values, and focuses on those thematic areas that are most important to realizing its goals;

To assure the financial soundness, risk management, and duty of care of the organization;

To assure that the organization is well-led and managed;

To assure that the board is well constituted, prepared, and developed to carry out its responsibilities; and

To contribute to advancing the organization’s work and credibility with key constituencies.


Synergy for Justice Stichting is committed to diversity in appointments to the Board and in all hiring and procurement processes. Synergy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex (including sexual orientation, pregnancy and gender identity), national origin, political affiliation, marital status, disability, genetic information, or age. Synergy celebrates diversity and is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive working environment for all directors, consultants, volunteers, and associated personnel.

Essential Skills/Qualities required for these roles:

A solid understanding of and strong commitment to Synergy’s objectives.

Commitment to fulfilling directors’ duties as a priority.

Strong commitment to our core values: diversity and inclusion; equitable partnerships; survivor-centred approaches; using a gendered and intersectional lens to assess needs and programming; and robust accountability.

Desirable Skills/Qualities/Profile required for these roles:

A deep appreciation and knowledge of global human rights and justice issues.

Non-profit board member experience.

Strong interest in and commitment to supporting fundraising efforts through foundations and individuals.

Experience in one of the following fields (finance, fundraising, media/communications) coupled with interest in supporting the Synergy team to improve in these areas.

Board Meetings:

There will be up to 10 remote board meetings per year that run for 1.5-2 hours each via online platform. In person board meetings lasting 1-2 days may be held once per year but for the time being all meetings are remote due to pandemic concerns.


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