Deputy Director Of International Programmes (Head Of Programme Delivery)


Salary £50-60,000 per annum

Grade 1 Senior Leadership Team/Senior Specialist.

Hours: Full time Permanent (37.5 hours per week). Flexible hours considered.

Responsible to: Director of International Programmes

Direct reports: Head of Emergency Response, Regional Director (x3 Asia/MENA, West Africa, East Africa), Safety & Security Advisor

Key Interdependencies Executive/Senior Leadership Teams, Head of Supply Chain, Head of Programme Quality, Head of Programme Funding

Location: Truro, Cornwall, or Remote Working (with regular travel to Truro)

Travel: Work away from home, this may be UK or overseas training or in-country Programme support. You may be required to deploy for up to 25% of your time in any calendar year.

Role Purpose

ShelterBox is searching for a senior humanitarian leader with significant programme management experience to join the leadership team of our agile and effective International Programmes Department. Reporting to the Director of International Programmes, this is a transformational and impactful role. The successful candidate will manage urgent priority activities and manage all international programmes/projects, ensuring we deliver high quality, impactful outcomes at speed and scale for the people we support.

As Deputy Director of International Programmes (Head of Programme Delivery), you will lead and oversee the humanitarian programmes of the International Programmes Department, providing direct line management to staff in the UK, developing workplan priorities and overseeing management of response team volunteers and overseas humanitarian staff. The Department has recently completed a humanitarian operational review, which will form the basis of strategic and departmental changes for growth, building on a significant increase in programme size in 2022. This role will be expected to support the Director in the aim of leading and delivering greater scale in our programmes, including working in partnership with the Head of Programme Funding and relevant Programme Managers to support the development of fundable packages, helping to drive sustainable income growth in line with programme strategies.

This role will also report to the CEO/Board of Trustees on a regular basis on Programme delivery performance. The International Programmes Leadership team will also work closely with our Fundraising /Finance teams and larger affiliates (particularly ShelterBox USA) to ensure an aligned approach to programme funding.

The role will also encompass high-level relationship building and advocacy with partner organisations to consolidate the reputation and position of ShelterBox within the humanitarian sector.

The successful candidate will be starting a role within a fast-paced organisation realigning itself for further growth in the face of mounting humanitarian needs. We look forward to welcoming candidates who share our passion and teamwork to achieve this.

Duties will include but not be limited to:

Management of a broad and growing portfolio of regional programmes (including reactive/emergency and protracted projects) in line with the organisational strategy ensuring quality, timely, impactful, and on-budget programme/project implementation. Ensuring ShelterBox has the appropriate infrastructure to respond in a timely, effective way to humanitarian emergencies. Overseeing effective decision-making with respect to ShelterBox’s deployments, including how/where ShelterBox will deploy, and legal/best practice compliance. Working closely with the Safety & Security Advisor to prioritise the safety of our teams and our deployments. Embedding and supporting a culture of programme cycle management. Mentoring and coaching staff on practical implementation steps. Participate actively in and contribute to strategic meetings and initiatives of the humanitarian community where relevant e.g., Shelter Cluster, etc. Deputising for the Director of International Programmes (as where appropriate). Responsibility for identifying and developing key partnerships that will enhance ShelterBox’s programme effectiveness. Strategically positioning ShelterBox by fostering innovation, and in identifying new opportunities and partnerships. Account for the best use of financial resources within the Programmes & Projects team, ensuring all budget and procurement processes are effective and efficiently implemented. Prioritising ‘do no harm’ principles. Ensuring those who encounter ShelterBox as a result of our activities are safeguarded from deliberate or inadvertent actions and failings which place them at risk of abuse, sexual exploitation, injury, and any other harm. Maintain exacting standards in all aspects of ShelterBox’s activities so that the reputation of the organisation is protected in the view of donors, partners & the people we support. This includes effective measurement of impact and overall performance. Leading a culture which actively promotes improvements in its practices, processes, and outcomes, across all aspects of its work, seeking feedback from all stakeholders including other depts such as Fundraising& Communications and Finance. Provide timely updates to /International Programmes Director/CEO/Board of Trustees on all aspects of ShelterBox’s programme/project delivery and impact. Work away from home, this may be UK or overseas training or deployment to disaster affected areas. Whilst you are unlikely to respond for more than six weeks at any one time, you may be required to deploy for up to 25% of your time in any calendar year.


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